About us
While working within my clinic, "Barry Brown MSW, Family Mediation Inc.," for more than 30 years as a family counsellor, mediator, assessor, and arbitrator, I have assisted hundreds of families dealing with challenges resulting from separation, divorce, and personal injury matters. Optimal Family Services Inc. was established as a result of my awareness that there were significant gaps within the service network for families facing challenges within our community. This lack of services too often leaves these families without guidance and direction. With a highly skilled clinical and managerial team, Optimal Family Services provides specialized services to help families through difficult transitions; I welcome you to review our services and contact us if you believe we could be of assistance.

Barry Brown MSW, RSW
Senior Consultant / Co-Founder
Optimal Family Services Inc.
  • Optimal Family Services recognizes that the complexities of caring for an injured family member can cause profound emotional upheaval and stress for the entire family, especially during the early months following the accident. Optimal Family Services Inc. provides assessment, counselling, and support services to the victim and family while a legal action is underway and post settlement.
  • Optimal Family Services Inc. conducts a detailed needs assessment with the family, confirming the circumstances associated with the accident, the injuries sustained, and the challenges that the family is addressing, in order to determine family support requirements.
  • Upon completion of our detailed intake process, Optimal Family Services can provide individual, marital, and family counselling support, working with benefit providers as well as private finance to ensure that the client's needs are met in a timely manner.
  • All counselling sessions are logged and clear clinical notes prepared, and are available, at the lawyer's request, to support FLA claims. Should a detailed FLA assessment be required, noting pre-and post-accident familial functioning—that report will be provided, as contracted by the referring lawyer.
  • Optimal Family Services Inc. is committed to supporting families attempting to process and address the challenges associated with personal injury.
Optimal Family Services Inc.
is intent upon providing support on behalf of families facing challenges